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From Experiences to Qualities: The Guiding Light of the Heart

Would you continue to meditate if you experienced nothing? Take a minute and think about it. Imagine if you were to sit every single day, perhaps multiple times during the day, close your eyes and experience nothing. Even the best yogis and students on the path would give up and run away if they didn’t experience something profound. I sometimes joke about this with my associates, “Experiences are like the grass shown to the donkey to keep it going!” Jokes apart,...

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Spiritual Anatomy

Most people have heard of chakras or points, which can be described as centres of concentrated divine energy located at different places within the human system. Associated with each of the points are sub-points, and in the intervening space between the points is a network interwoven by numerous intricate fibres. As we proceed along, we pass through these intervening layers. All this together forms a network that can be described as the spiritual anatomy of a human being. There are thirteen...

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Fasting and Autophagy : Ancient Wisdom and Scientific Research Intersect

A few days back, we were having a conversation at the Heartfulness Meditation Center in New Jersey, USA, about the significance of various rituals and customs that have been observed in society since time immemorial. Many of these rituals are followed with rigor and discipline, which is a good thing. What makes them more joyful and impactful, though, is knowing the true significance of the principles behind them. Our conversation touched upon various topics, like the reasons for adorning the red...

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Let Love Shine Supreme

Message, 28th September 2016, New York, USA I would like to draw your attention to certain trees. There are trees that grow tall, sturdy and strong, like mahogany, oak and acacia: you cannot cut them easily. Compare them to chikoo and mango, which are very tender and their wood is not strong, yet they yield the most beautiful fruits. In nature, this tenderness is required to bring about sweetness in life. The sturdier trees with hard wood do not have praiseworthy...

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Birthday of Lord Ganesha

Dear Friends, Warm wishes to you all on this happy and auspicious occasion when Hindus celebrate the birthday of Lord Ganesha. But we neither need to be Hindu nor religious to appreciate the story of his wonderful life and what he represents. In Hindu homes, this festival is usually filled with immense joy. There is often a retelling of the story of Lord Ganesha, as well as special food, decorations, music and offerings. For children, Ganesha is a magical, mythological being, and...

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god seeking


Through the ages, so much has been written about the spiritual seeker – ranging from yoga journals and self help books to religious scriptures and deep and insightful literature from legendary philosophers. The seeker’s journey has been charted out and explained in great detail. Guidance from various sources is available to those who are looking for enlightenment, or simply a better way to live their life.  Seekers sometimes undertake long, arduous journeys from all corners of the world to find...

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