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god seeking

Through the ages, so much has been written about the spiritual seeker – ranging from yoga journals and self help books to religious scriptures and deep and insightful literature from legendary philosophers. The seeker’s journey has been charted out and explained in great detail. Guidance from various sources is available to those who are looking for enlightenment, or simply a better way to live their life.  Seekers sometimes undertake long, arduous journeys from all corners of the world to find...

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God Is Not For Sale

Do you believe in God? Many of us grow up believing in God. If you ask young children on the street, they will say, “Yes, I believe there is a God.”

If you ask one of them why, she’ll say, “Because my parents said so,” or “Because my grandmother says so.” If you go to the grandmother and ask the same question, she will say, “Of course God exists. How could you even ask such a question?”

 But you must ask yourself these questions. Actually, in many ways an atheist is more honest — he does not believe because he has not had the experience. If you believe in God, what is your proof to back up this belief?

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What Your Breathing Tells You

In the last post, we discussed the importance of healthy sleep cycles. There are also other natural daily cycles in the human body that we can easily observe. Being in tune with Nature is an important part of wellness and all-round good health — physical, mental and spiritual. So here we explore a cycle that guides us on the best times during the day to meditate, do physical activity, mental activity and rest.

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Interview of Daaji by Dr. Varun Soni

Interview of Daaji by Dr. Varun Soni. All parts of the Interview included.

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The Journey Begins

The insistent passions behind belief and non-belief in the ways of the world very often provoke heady disputes within and around us, plaguing us, our relationships and even nations. How many feuds and fights have been fought, and how much of humanity mislaid amid shrill and disputing cries of real belief, reared in conventional wisdom, theological disputation, zealous one-upmanship and prejudice. How do we acknowledge and if necessary correct ourselves when our beliefs, especially those we cherish, are contested by circumstances;...

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Heartfulness Meditation Founder and Global Leader Kamlesh Deshbhai Patel with the Heartfulness movement leaders at the National Heartfulness Meditation Conference at Cobo Center in Detroit Michigan on June 4. Read full article at the following link.

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